Dynamic growth in the distribution market

megamenu-logo3Westnet operates exclusively in the IT and high-tech product distribution market since October 2005, dynamically growing its presence in the Greek market, by “building bridges” between the companies it represents and its customers.

The company offers a solutions package including the distribution and representation of IT and mobility products of large multinationals, such as HP,Lenovo, eStar, LG, Asus, Samsung, Philips etc.

2013 was a milestone year. The company started implementing a new strategic plan that set the foundations of a new, flexible distribution scheme aimed at serving its customers through all possible channels, with competitive products and value added services, always having its customers at the centre of its business and building long-term trust relations.

Strategy for success

The particularly positive performance of Westnet is the result of this strategy, as the company repositioned itself in the market with a new objective, placing emphasis on IT products which are directly related to its own DNA.

At the same time, Westnet developed and enriched its portfolio with new Mobility product categories in order to further widen its product range. In this context, the company has ensured exclusive collaborations in new product categories, such as tablets and smart phones.

Last but not least, the growth over the last years is underpinned by the fact that the company further enhanced the know-how of its people through training actions and by hiring specialized, experienced senior management.

Despite the adverse economic circumstances, Westnet continuously evolves its strategic plan and records excellent financial performance.

The optimally structured operations of Westnet aimed at providing high quality solutions combined with the mutual relations of trust built with customers and suppliers, signal the company’s dynamic performance in the Greek IT and technology market.