About Olympia

Bridges between the present and the future

Olympia Group of Companies, founded by Panos Germanos, has been a reference point for the Greek corporate community since 1980 and continues, in an uninterrupted manner, to support the national economy by “building bridges” between the past and the future.

With consistency, continuity and endurance, commitment, creativity and belief in the philosophy of “doing business”, the Group grows dynamically in the especially competitive markets which it activates in, targeting corporate excellence.

Olympia Group is currently in its fourth decade of successful presence in Greece through its various activities which like “bridges” connect the past into the future. “These bridges are built” via the various business units of the Group: the retail activity, the telecoms, the industrial activity, the consumer finance activity and the distribution. All these years Olympia Group believes strongly in the prospects of the domestic market and steadily supports the Greek economy through the investments it has already implemented and through the ones it plans for the future.

At the same time, and for over twenty years now, the Group creates value in the international corporate field as well, either via its export orientation strategy or through its physical presence abroad, constituting a core and integral part of the local societies.

Panos Germanos, the founder of Olympia, has infused into the Group, the partners and the personnel his very own vision with regard to corporate growth and business ethics. He has created a modern group of companies, financially strong, which is also governed by nonnegotiable rules of corporate responsibility. This philosophy dictates practices of corporate autonomy, without obligations and dependency. In this manner, it is ensured that the future of Olympia Group will continue to be dynamic, so that the transition into the new era becomes smooth, creative and successful.

With dynamic management, successful development of corporate partnerships and 5.800 employees in Greece and internationally, Olympia Group is one of the dominant Greek corporate groups. Through its activities in Greece and abroad the Group has created a broad corporate ecosystem in critical sectors of business activity.

The Group “builds bridges” connecting the present with the future through its engagement in the following business sectors:

  • The retail sales of technology products via its store chain Public, with 51 stores in Greece and Cyprus, and 2 e-commerce stores.
  • The energy storage market through the company SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS SA, which continues to maintain its production activity in Greece and exports to more than 100 markets all over the world.
  • The industrial recycling sector through the company SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, which is located in Komotini and constitutes a spin-off from SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS SA.
  • The distribution of technology products via subsidiary WestNet Distribution, with significant presence in the distribution of IT hardware and mobility products.
  • The development of business software products and services in Greece and Southeast Europe via SOFTONE
  • The telecommunications market through the mobile telephony company PLAY in Poland. PLAY is one of the most dynamic companies demonstrating the highest growth performance on pan-European level.
  • In consumer finance through AASA company.