Philosophy & Mission

We believe in tomorrow

Olympia is a Group with wide ranging activities, financially robust, consistently marking successful business growth in the Greek and international markets since 1980. The philosophy of doing business is nested in the Olympia Group’s DNA as its sets the foundations for a better tomorrow, building bridges between the present and the future. That is its legacy to the next generations.

We believe and support healthy entrepreneurship and that is why our vision is to create value for all Group companies as well as the communities in which our Group operates.

We believe in business autonomy and support the initiatives of each of our Business Units with the aim to maximize performance. To this end we apply the Macromanagement model in all areas of our business activities.

We believe in our country’s market prospects and consistently support the Greek economy through our investments.

We research and analyse business opportunities based on modern, technocratic and meritocratic criteria.

We create value both for our shareholders and the local communities where we do business.

Our corporate footprint represents a significant social contribution to the communities in which our Group operates.