About Olympia

Bridges between the present and the future

The Olympia Group of Companies, founded by Panos Germanos, has represented a point of reference for the Greek business world since the 1980s, and continues, unwavering, to support the domestic economy, bridging the present with the future.

With consistency, continuity and endurance, diligence, creativity and commitment to its corporate philosophy, it continues to grow dynamically in the highly competitive markets in which it is active, striving for business excellence.

The Olympia Group is in the fourth decade of its successful presence in Greece, through multi-faceted activity that builds bridges between the present and the future. These bridges are built through the branches of its activity: retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution of technological products, development of business and shipping software, consumer loans, the equity sector, etc.

Throughout the years, the Olympia Group has believed in the potential of the domestic market and, unwavering, has supported the Greek economy through the investments it has already made, or plans to make in the future.

At the same time, for more than twenty years now, it has been creating value on the international business scene, either through exports, or with its physical presence abroad, where it has become a pillar of development and an integral part of the local communities.

The founder of Olympia, Panos Germanos, has instilled in the Group, and his partners, his personal vision regarding corporate development and business ethics. And he has created a modern, financially strong Group, governed by steadfast rules of corporate responsibility. This philosophy dictates practices of business autonomy, free of commitments and dependence. In this manner, he ensures that the future of the Olympia Group will be equally dynamic, at the same time “building bridges” so that the transition into the new era is as smooth, creative, and successful as possible.

Through effective management and successful strategic partnerships, the Olympia Group is now one of the leading Greek corporate groups. Through its activity in Greece and abroad, it maintains an expanded business ecosystem in key market sectors, creating 11,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The Group “builds bridges,” linking  the present with the future, through its activities in the following sectors:

– In the sector of retail sale of technological products through the Public chain of stores, with 54 stores in Greece and Cyprus, and 2 e-commerce stores.

– In Industry, and particularly in the energy storage sector, through the company SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA, which maintains its production capacity in Greece and exports to more than 100 countries word-wide.

– In the field of industrial recycling, through the model company SUNLIGHT RECYCLING, which is located in Komotini and represents  a business venture of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA.

– In the arena of distribution of technological products, through the company Westnet, which has a strong presence in the distribution of IT hardware and mobile products.

– In the development of business software products and services in Greece and Southeast Europe, through SoftOne.

– In the development of innovative services and technology solutions in the field of shipping, through the company METIS.

– In the telecommunications market, through the mobile phone company PLAY in Poland, one of the leading providers, ranked among the first in terms of development on a European level.

– In the field of consumer loans, through the Finnish company AASA.

– In the field of equity, through the company TOLERTON.

In 2017, the Olympia Group and VNK Capital jointly announced that they would be participating in the share capital of Lamda Development SA.